Prospective Students

Our group is broadly interested in software engineering, programming languages and compilers, systems, and natural language processing. Our work is published routinely in the best venues, but more importantly, our work strives for elegance and impact, both conceptual and practical. Our group has open positions for PhDs, MPhils, postdocs, research assistants, and visitors. If you are interested in our group, please drop me an email.

CUHK-SZ Undergrads: Our team is happy to work with excellent undergraduate students. Under SE/PL/NLP, we have possible research topics ranging from software/system building, empirical investigations, to algorithmic and theoretical explorations. Interested students are encouraged to contact me for details. To help match you with suitable projects and mentors, please share your general interests, a copy of your recent resume/CV, copies of your transcripts, and any other relevant information.

Good Advices for Research Students:
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You and Your Research



  • Zhijing Li

PhD Student

Research Assistant

  • Yusheng Huang


  • Zhijun Huang
  • Jiaqi Li
  • Ruichun Yang
  • Yixing Yang
  • Jiayi Yao: [ISSTA22], UIUC Summer Research
  • Zhiqing Zhong: [ISSTA22]



2022: Haotian Xie (

Research Assistants

  • Qijing Shen (Summer 2021, next: University of Oxford PhD)
  • Clara Meister (01.2019 – 02.2020, coadvised by Zhendong Su, next: ETH Zurich PhD)
  • Rohan Parag Shah (Winter 2020, coadvised by Zhendong Su, next: CMU Master)
  • Shashij Gupta (Summer 2019, coadvised by Zhendong Su, next: Edverhub Founder)